An ode to Balsamic Vinegar / by John Dawson

If i had a poetry collection, this would be in a chapter called “The Waitrose Years”. inspired by my wife inspecting a bottle of vinegar at a friend’s house and putting it down with a big sigh! I’m still looking for a title that is more playful. Written in January 2019

ode to Balsamic Vinegar

In order to have a supper,
That’s super and proper,
Should balsamic vinegar quickly flow?
No, no, no.
Well, at the very least the flow should be slow

Because you see
The key to
balsamic vinegar glee,
Is the thicky, sticky,
velocity of Viscosity

Balsamic should




right to the top of the bottle
But that would cost you a lottle

So if you are a vinegar snob
You may have to rob,
Or give up the raid on a bank vault
and just be happy with malt.